LECA Main Advantages


Thermal Insulation

Applying LECA insulating blocks drop the rate of fuel and electricity consumption and are the best way for optimizing energy consumption.

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Sound Insulation

With advanced acoustic specifications, LECA sound insulation goes beyond other building materials. Sound insulation of a one layer LECA block wall ranges from 46 to 53 db which is appropriate for all kind of building functions.

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Fire Resistance

LECA building blocks are non-combustible building material and classified as reaction to fire Euro class A1 (no contribution to fire).

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Lightening the structure significantly decreases building cost and lowers earth quake threaten.

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Leca: What is it

Leca is initial letters for light expanded clay aggregate.

Expanded clay aggregates are porous ceramic products with a uniform pore structure of fine, closed cells and with a densely sintered, firm external skin. It is manufactured in rotary kilns from raw materials containing clay minerals. The raw material is prepared, moulded and then subjected to a firing process at temperatures of between 1100 and 1200 ºC, resulting in a significant increase in volume due to expansion. The LECA grains internal cellular structure with thousands of air-filled cavities gives thermal and sound insulation properties.

Our Products

Leca Block 400x80x200 mm Solid

Nominal Thickness: 80 mm

Feature: Solid block

Dimension: 400x80x200  mm

Block Weight (Max.): 6.3 Kg

Density: 985 (kg/m3)

Compressive Strength: 4.5 (MPa)

Leca 4-10mm

Gradation: 4-10 mm

Density: 320 kg/m³

Applicability: Light Weight Concrete, Light Weight Block, Prefabricated Panels & Aquaculture, Ornamentation.

Leca 0.1-4mm

Gradation: 0-4 mm

Density: 510 kg/m³

Applicability: Leca Light Weight Concrete,Light Weight Block, Prefabricated Panels & Slabs.Light Filler, Leca Mortar and Water Purification System.Agriculture & Aquaculture.

Leca Block 490x175x200 mm

Nominal Thickness: 175 mm

Feature: Bottom – close

Dimension: 490*175*200 mm

Block Weight (Max.): 12 Kg

Density: 750 (kg/m3)

Compressive Strength: 2 (MPa)

Lightweight Precast Elements and Masonry Units

LECA is the raw material for many prefabricated components. LECA blocks, prefabricated panels, Lightweight brick, Artificial Stone, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles and pavement are all well-known products which have an advantage of lightness, fire resistant, sound insulation, thermal insulation, moisture resistance and fire-resistant.

LECA Precast Elements and Masonry Units is a construction accelerator, time ,labor and material saving. LECA building blocks are solid or hollow blocks of lightweight aggregate concrete. The base product is LECA.

Screed, Flooring and Roofing

Designers specify lightweight concrete for floors and roof because it is expected to be cost effective and environmentally efficient. While Lightweight concrete has compressive strength comparable to normal weight concrete and screed. It will reduce total dead load up to 30 percent and provides 5 more times thermal insulation.
Leca makes a smart package of lightweight elements, thinner section, better fire rate, insulating roof, improved seismic structural response, less reinforcing and lower foundation cost. LECA use assures all necessary essential factors for comfort, during summers or winters.

Light Weight Concrete (LWC)

Structural or non-structural lightweight concrete can be defined as a concrete with closed or open structure contains whole or part ordinary aggregate and LECA aggregate.
In addition to the weight savings, lightweight concrete has substantially better fire-resistant qualities than normal weight concrete, significantly lower heat transmission, remarkable moisture resistance and more durability. It protects steel reinforcement from the corrosive action, salt water and severe environments.
For architects and engineers, Structural Light Weight Concrete (SLWC) has opened up a wide range of applications and possibility to have tall building frames, long-span roof and bridge structures and thin shell construction.
Lower weight reduces seismic forces, reinforcing and pre-stressing steel, increase live load capacity for Bridges and Marine Structures. Moreover, with Low permeability, it is Highly Durable to freezing and thawing and chloride ions. Owing to LECA long term water absorption, LECA will act as an internal source of water for internal curing which will help to avoid shrinkage and improve long term strength.

Internal Curing of Concrete

Internal Curing (IC) for cement is a practical way of supplying additional water throughout the concrete mixture. In other words, achieving better hydration and less waste of valuable cement. This is done by consuming absorbed water in Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) which is replacing some of the conventional aggregates in the mixture.

Internal curing of concrete

Internal Curing: “supplying water throughout a freshly placed cementitious mixture using reservoirs, via pre-wetted lightweight aggregates, that readily release water as needed for hydration or to replace moisture lost through evaporation or self-desiccation”

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