Flooring And Roofing

Slopping drainage of floor and roof :
For it’s lightness and easy accomplish , Leca is the best construction material for flooring and roofing. In this Way, first, aggregates are wetted about 3 liters of water per each 50 liters of Leca up to color of Leca become dark brown. Then for each 100 Kg Leca, about 16 Kg cement is added to mixture for mixing or any other convenient way. After that, mix color becomes dark gray and shiny. At the end, the mixed.

which is obtained, is poured in the place and leveled. For Prevention of drying, it is most regularly watered or covered by a plastic sheet. If Leca is previously moistured and leveled in floor, Pour 12 liters of cement slurry (60 liters water per 50 Kg Cement) on each square meter of surface. In this method, 6 to 7 Square meter is prepared in one step .It is cured as mentioned above.