Leca aggregates are presented in various sizes. Four usual gradations are 0-4 mm, 4-10 mm, 10-25 mm, 0-25 mm. Leca bulk dried density and their applications for different gradations illustrated in table below.


Leca Gradation

Leca Wide Applicability

510 kg/m³

0-4 mm

Leca Light Weight Concrete,Light Weight Block, Prefabricated Panels & Slabs.Light Filler, Leca Mortar and Water Purification System.Agriculture & Aquaculture.

320 kg/m³

4-10 mm

Light Weight Concrete, Light Weight Block, Prefabricated Panels & Aquaculture, Ornamentation.

250 kg/m³

10-25 mm

Light Weight Filler Concrete, Sewage System.Landscaping, Agriculture & Aquaculture, Drainnage.

270 kg/m³

0-25 mm

Floor & Roof Sloping, Light Weight Filler, Road Construction.

Leca 0.1-4 mm

Leca 4-10 mm

Leca 10-25 mm