Leca is an acronym term for (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate).

Pretrea ted special kind of clay is derived to rotary kiln, and exposed to high temperature, then clay is expanded in a granule shape with honeycomb core and ceramic shell.

Natural clay is 100% of raw material to produce Leca (light expanded clay Aggregate).

Thermal & sound insulation
Fire resistances
Neutral pH consistent Quality
Environment- Friendly
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Due to Leca physical characteristics, it remains unchanged consistently.

Thermal conductivity coefficient for Leca Aggregate is about 0.09< λ < 0.101

Yes, it is. It remarkably fades the sound, however it depends on thickness of wall and mix design of Leca concrete.

Yes, as it is produced in some 1100°c in rotary kiln with ceramic shell, it does not catch fire.

Yes. Referring to tests conducted by Department of Building and Energy. Technologies of Kuwait (according to the BA 476), lightweight concrete block, does not catch fire.

Due to neutral pH of Leca (7-7.2), Leca does not affect or be affected by other materials, and even preserves materials intact from chemical hazards.

  • Saving structure cost due to Leca lightness.
  • Saving energy for insulating feature.
  • Accelerate the project period for being able to use larger lightweight concrete units.
  • Minimizing waste material (Maximum 2%).
  • Increasing labor productivity.

Leca is used in:

  • construction
  • Road infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Filtration, water treatment, sewage system
  • Off shore and on shore development.

Leca can be used for other applications due to its each single specification.

Leca technical office experienced enough to play a consultative role to support our clients technically.

Leca Aggregates are packed in poly propylene bag, 100- liter capacity at about 40 kg.

Yes, Leca has been exported to Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Korea, etc.

Capacity for 40-ft container is 55 and for 20-ft container is 25 cubic meters.

Please refer to below picture that is self explamantory about “Incoterms” abreviations.


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